Right now there are a number of new traffic laws being considered by the Maryland legislature and all of them are aimed at increasing safety on the roadways. The first one that caught our eye is a bill currently under consideration which would allow for the videotaping of people who are texting while driving. However, there are privacy concerns in the eyes of many. Recently, a retired officer designed a vehicle outfitted with cameras for the intent of videotaping drivers who are using their cell phones or texting while behind the wheel. The question that remains is, does this vehicle video tape the rest of us who are abiding by the law? Stay tuned.

Second is the consideration of a new law that would change the midnight curfew to 10PM for 16 and 17 year old drivers who are not either coming from a school event or driving while accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 21. A recent report states that in 2015, fatalities among young drivers were up 75 percent in 2015 and there was an additional increase in 2016. Another bill up for consideration would allow for the ticketing of drivers who block a four way intersection, which most would contend was already a “ticketable” offense.

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