At Purnell Body Shop, we take seriously each and every complete auto restoration project we take on.  Specializing in classic cars and muscle cars, we are just as selective as most owners when we choose such projects.  As such, we chose to only take on a select few restoration projects in a given calendar year.

At Purnell Body Shop, we pride ourselves on our chassis and body work in every restoration.  We will strip both sides of the panel, complete all necessary body work or panel replacement, refinish both sides of the panel, fit and correct all body lines and paint with the Premium or Show Car Quality finish.

Our goal in any restoration is to provide a result of a Premium or Show Car Quality vehicle.  We choose owners who are willing to be highly involved in the restoration process, including but not limited to the following:

  • procurement of parts
  • necessary restoration information
  • disassembling and reassembling the vehicle

We are a GOODMARK Industries dealer for aftermarket restoration parts.  We will assist in selling even if we are not performing your restoration.

Additionally, we have a list of trusted partners locally who will gladly recommend for all interior facets of the restoration process should you not already have a someone in mind.


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We will be as transparent as possible about what costs you can expect to incur for your repair.


We take collision repair seriously. We are dedicated to delivering the best results on every job.

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The pros at Purnell Body Shop are dedicated to ensuring that your car is road ready in every way.

Aluminum Repair

We have the tools, technology, skills and training to repair your aluminum body vehicle. 

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We are proud to stand behind our work, offering a lifetime warranty on all of our painting services.


We want to bring your car back to perfection without leaving you without a vehicle.

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