Customer Service is What Drives Us

Towards the end of December, it is not uncommon to take stock and review the year that was. We do this in our personal lives, and business owners, we often do so while looking over financials and other indicators regarding the health of their business. This year is no different. It is important to know what’s working and what could use improvement. We talk a great deal here about changes in the industry. After all, it is critical that our techs and estimators know what changes in tech, parts and safety engineering are coming down the line from the major automakers. Similarly, it is to our advantage and that of our customers that we know about any changes in the insurance sector. Insurance work is a big part of what we do here and we need to be well versed in what the major carriers are doing regarding their standards and practices. In just the last few years, we have seen immeasurable changes to the way that much of our industry operates, the way that vehicles are manufactured, the tech that permeates throughout the vehicles we repair and the rules and regulations put in place by the insurance companies who often foot the bill for repairs. Throughout it all, we’ve continued to grow as the favorite auto body shop in Cecil County. How?

While so many things have changed, some things have remained constant. Our dedication to top notch customer service has never waned. Regardless of the awards, 5-star reviews and plaques (all of which are nice, by the way), our goal is to ensure that the next customer who visits our shop gets the best service possible. We want every one of our customers to genuinely feel that they could not have made a better decision than to bring their vehicle to Purnell Body Shop. That dedication to service comes one customer at a time. Every customer. Every day. From every member of our team. If we fail at that mission, then the awards and plaques and 5-star reviews from last week, last month or last year really don’t count so much.

It is that thought that drives us. The tech that is in cars will continue to evolve. Changes will undoubtedly come forth again and again and yet again from our friends in the insurance world. Those are things that we know will happen, and we can control none of it. And that is okay. We can control how our customers are treated when they leave their car with us. We can control how often we communicate to them the status of their job. We can control how we explain costs. At Purnell Body Shop, we are committed to excel at those aspects of customer service that are 100% within our control. It is what has differentiated us from our competitors for over 60 years. It is what will differentiate us from our competitors when the next customer walks through our door.



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