At Purnell Body Shop, we have an extensive paint facility with a spotlessly clean preparation area and a workshop that eliminates any impurities in the atmosphere. Any concerns in these areas could affect the final product (just another reason to get this work done properly in a shop which has extensive experience in autobody work).

In order to provide the perfect end result, we only use BASF Glasurit 90 Line Waterborne Paint Technology. We stand behind our work, offering a lifetime warranty on all our painting services.


What We Can Offer

If a vehicle has only small damage affecting the clear coat or the first layers of the paint, it’s possible that these can be sanded & buffed out quickly and easily. When damage has dug through the paint into the primer, however, we need to sand down to the primer and then build the paint back up again so that it looks beautiful and protects your car properly.

To complete that level of service, we prepare the exterior of the body to a 600-grit scratch.  then paint the vehicle after careful color matching. Finally, the vehicle is treated with a baked on clear coat finish, tough enough to stand up to daily driving for decades with a car that is kept out of the garage.

Our base cost for repairing a paint job starts at $4000. Certain items can increase that cost, including:

  • Dents or rust
  • Refinishing door or trunk jambs
  • Stripping off the old finish
  • Removal and installation of door handles, lights, moldings, and bumpers

When repairing your vehicle after a collision, even a minor one, don’t neglect to fix any damage to your paint. It may seem like nothing but a cosmetic flaw, but the problems can spread if they aren’t repaired quickly.



We will be as transparent as possible about what costs you can expect to incur for your repair.


We take collision repair seriously. We are dedicated to delivering the best results on every job.

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The pros at Purnell Body Shop are dedicated to ensuring that your car is road ready in every way.

Aluminum Repair

We have the tools, technology, skills and training to repair your aluminum body vehicle. 

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We are proud to stand behind our work, offering a lifetime warranty on all of our painting services.


We want to bring your car back to perfection without leaving you without a vehicle.

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