Distracted Driving is Still a Problem

Let us begin by noting that we would happily never repair another vehicle here at the shop that was damaged as a result of distracted driving. We see far too much of it. We know far too many families who have had loved ones injured, and yes, killed, as a result of people not paying attention to the road as they operate their vehicles.

These days, police all over the country are reporting that they are now even citing drivers for Zooming while Driving. Yes, that would be participating in a video call while driving their vehicles. Zoom participants are not the only guilty parties. Drivers using TikTok, Facetime and other video apps are all just as dangerous. Normally, we would be in a state of disbelief in hearing about such behavior on the roadways, but one of our folks witnessed this firsthand recently as they broke at a red light and the driver behind them applied brakes way too late, nearly causing an accident. That driver was clearly holding their phone in a manner which would denote the use of a video app.

We are not arguing for more regulation or another law that careless drivers would never be inclined to abide by regardless. We are pleading for more common sense and less selfish behavior. There is a degree to which we all take care of each other out there on the roads. It’s in everyone’s best interest if we can all abide by reasonable and sensible safety standards behind the wheel. We do not feel that asking people not to stare at a video screen while driving is too large of a request.



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