Here are Some Tips to Help Your Teen Driver Avoid Collision

We know it can be frightening as a parent to see your teen drive off on their own after getting their license. While it is an exciting time for your teen, as a parent you cannot help but think of all the risks that come with their newfound independence. Here are some tips to help your new driver avoid a collision and to give you the peace of mind that they are safe while on the road.

Limit Distractions

The number one distraction on the road is the use of smartphones while driving. It is one of the top causes of distracted driving collisions in the country. To keep their attention completely on the road, encourage your teen driver to keep their phone in the glove box or back seat where it is easily accessible in case of an emergency but out of sight, so they are not tempted to use it while driving. While hands-free options can be great, it is best to advocate for your teen to not use the phone at all while driving because even when using the hands-free technology their attention can still be divided. Some phones have ‘drive mode’ features that can be helpful to limit notifications so that your teen can be focused on the road.

Some additional distractions while driving include having too many passengers in the car, adjusting music or climate controls, eating while driving, or using the GPS. Driving requires focus and concentration, especially for inexperienced drivers. By limiting some distractions, it can help your teen driver be safer on the road.

Lead by Example

It is important to always model safe driving habits for your teen. When you show them how to be a good driver by not texting and driving, wearing a seatbelt, and not speeding when running late it will help your driver not do these things when they are behind the wheel. Having the conversation with your teen about being a safe driver will help ease both of your nerves.

We know how important it is to try and keep your teens safe and hopefully with these simple tips it will give you the peace of mind while your teen is out exercising their new independence.



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