At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we at Purnell Body Shop are sure to remind our friends and neighbors here in Cecil County and the surrounding area that summer is generally a very dangerous time of the year to be driving and, frankly, it does not have to be. Unfortunately, as we mentioned in a similar post this time last year, much of this danger pertains to our kids. This time of the year is known by many as the 100 Deadliest Days for teens because the elevated rates of deaths resulting from car accidents specifically when kids are off from school. We know it is tough sometimes to choose our battles as parents but we urge everyone to take extra time this year to urge good decisions from young people as far as driving is concern, especially this time of the year.

Poor decision making on roadways does not reside only with teens in the summertime, however. There are plenty of instances every year in our area that end tragically and result from adults “celebrating” too hard and getting behind the wheel. The 4th of July or a day on the Chesapeake does not give anyone cart blanche to drive drunk. Remember too that you can always call Purnell Body Shop to tow your vehicle if you are too impaired to operate it safely.

Summertime is a fabulous time especially in our corner of the country. We ask that all of you do your part and urge others to make safe decisions on the road this summer.

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