From Estimate to Rental to Road Ready, We Got You Covered!

Here at Purnell Body Shop, we ensure excellence every step of the way. For over six decades we have been fixing collision damage, and in that time vehicle manufacturing has revolutionized itself. Our pros pride themselves on being highly trained on the latest industry standards, so we can get your vehicle back on the road safely. Safety is our number one goal, which is why virtually all our repairs are done in-house by our own technicians. The pros at Purnell Body Shop are dedicated to ensuring that your car is road ready in every way.

What goes into an estimate?

When conducting an estimate, we first take a survey of your car, keeping track of any obvious damage. We take a critical look for places where other damage may have occurred. For example, if the wheels were badly damaged and are now out of alignment, we will know that we need to investigate the undercarriage of the car, the steering column, and the brakes further. We always communicate with our customers that an estimate is our best understanding of the cost of parts plus the hours of work that will be involved in the repair.

Need a vehicle while yours is being repaired? No problem!

We know that car accidents are never convenient, which is why we partnered with Enterprise Rent-A-Car of Elkton. Having the option to rent a car while yours is at our shop, means you can carry on with your normal schedule! While we always strive to get your car back on the road as soon as possible, we want to make sure you aren’t inconvenienced while we’re working. We always encourage our customers to take a look at their insurance policy before paying out of pocket for a rental because many policies cover rental reimbursement in the case of an accident.

Careful Checks and Expert Technicians

We have a thorough list of checks and processes that each of our technicians carries out. This checklist is completed not only before repair, but also post-repair to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive after it has been repaired at our shop. At Purnell Body Shop we guarantee nothing but the best service so that you can rest assured that your vehicle is truly safe when you take it back out on the road.



We will be as transparent as possible about what costs you can expect to incur for your repair.


We take collision repair seriously. We are dedicated to delivering the best results on every job.

Why Choose Us

The pros at Purnell Body Shop are dedicated to ensuring that your car is road ready in every way.

Aluminum Repair

We have the tools, technology, skills and training to repair your aluminum body vehicle. 

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We are proud to stand behind our work, offering a lifetime warranty on all of our painting services.


We want to bring your car back to perfection without leaving you without a vehicle.