It’s Almost Time for Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

I know we are all counting down the days for when this heat will finally let up. As the school buses take to the roads and the fall decoration start coming out, we know the cooler days aren’t too far behind. With the colder weather comes the beautiful fall foliage, but the falling leaves can cause a great danger on the roads. The leaves that coat the sidewalks and roadways make it difficult for drivers to see obstacles that could be hiding beneath them such as potholes.

Some say that driving on wet leaves can be just as risky as driving on ice! When a vehicle hits wet leaves, it makes the tires less effective when trying to stop or slow down. One of the best ways to avoid this is to reduce your speed when the roads are wet. If you are going slower, you will have more time to stop. Getting your tires checked before the fall season will also help when the roads become cluttered with leaves. If you have good tread on your tires, it will channel the water away making your vehicle have better overall traction to the road. Another way to avoid a collision caused by wet leaves is to clear off your car before you begin driving. If you are parking a vehicle outside during the fall it is bound to be covered in leaves in no time and this will obstruct your view while driving if not cleared off.

We are a locally owned and operated shop, so we are always striving to make the roads in our community a safer place. Here at Purnell, we hope that everyone has a safe fall season. If you do find yourself in need of collision repair, call us to schedule an estimate and we will be happy to serve you.



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