Well, no one can complain that we are not getting a Spring this year. In the past few years, it seems like Winter stuck around a bit too long and Summer showed up before anyone sent the invitation. This year, we have a full blown spring, complete with baseball, high school proms, high temps in the mid 60s, pollen and, yes, storms.

This afternoon’s storms come complete with wind gusts around 50 miles an hour, driving rains and a tornado watch. Storms like these should not be taken lightly. Storms in our area can gain strength over the Chesapeake Bay and leave downed trees, flooded roads and snarled traffic up and down I-95 as well as through back roads and main roads of our communities.

As it pertains to safe driving during spring storms, we suggest packing some patience and discretion. If weather is simply a little tricky, pay attention to surroundings, road conditions and give other drivers some space. If conditions are severe, stay put if you can and wait for road and weather conditions to improve.