The Maryland State Police along with local departments across the state will be conducting Distracted Driving Enforcement starting April 1 and continuing with enforcement initiatives throughout April.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Accordingly, law enforcement across the US will be participating in initiatives to curb distracted driving behavior. The goal of events such as these is to shine a light on the dangers of making phone calls, sending or reading texts, checking email or accessing social media while driving.

Departments across the country are asking drivers to “Park the Phone Before You Drive.” Folks are reminded to pull off the roadway, where it is safe to do so, prior to making a call or sending a text. Other distractions often include changing radio stations, checking GPS navigation, eating food and addressing the needs of children in the vehicle.

In Maryland, there are over 53,000 distracted driving crashes every year, playing a role in approximately 58 percent of total crashes. At our shop, we see more than our fair share of the results of crashes like these. We urge everyone to work in some more focus behind the wheel!