At Purnell Body Shop, we work our tails off year round to tow folks out of a jam and get vehicles restored just like new. All of that work is tremendously rewarding on its own as we always have a new customer to please with a job well done. However, the sweetest moments are those in which we have the ability to help out folks in our community who are truly making a difference.

This summer, Purnell Body Shop is proud to support the Catholic Heart Work Camp of the Immaculate Conception Parish of Elkton and North East, Maryland. The Catholic Heart Work Camp is a summer mission trip wherein teens from all over the country give a week of their time to work together to revitalize communities and beautify homes for the elderly, disabled and those who cannot afford needed repairs

We salute the 37 incredible teens, their families and all of the coordinators and staff with the parish who have all endeavored to come together for something greater than themselves. We thank you also for inviting us to support you all in your journey!