Wet Leaves. Hungry Deer. Changing Clocks.

Folks love fall. We love fall. It’s gorgeous outside. The weather is fantastic for almost any activity. The trees look fantastic. High school, college and professional football is back. What’s not to love?!

Well, we can name three.

After those leaves spend their sweet time looking fantastic on area oaks and dogwoods, they fall on our roads and attempt to dramatically interrupt our commuting. Wet leaves cause slippery roads and the only way to look out for yourself and your passengers is to slow down and make sure to have working brake pads and proper tread depth on your tires.

With fall comes rutting season for your friendly neighborhood deer. Yes, deer are looking for love this time of the year and therefore very much on the move (and often somewhat distracted). Additionally, they are also pretty hungry in autumn months as they look to put on some fat before winter. However, they need to travel more to do so as their source of food becomes scarce as the nights get colder and vegetation dies off. This leads them across our roads all hours of the day and generally not within the confines of a crosswalk. Be careful.

Clocks? What about clocks? As everyone knows, we change the clocks by one hour twice a year in the middle of the night on a Sunday morning. The Mondays following those respective Sundays are measurably more dangerous on the roads and highways all across the nation. This is because everyone’s body clocks are completely thrown. People are effectively driving home from work an hour later or commuting to work an hour earlier (depending on the time of year), and when we all make this collective shift in our daily routine, bad things happen.

We hope your fall is an uneventful one on the roads. If not though, we invite you to give our shop a call. We’ll get you back good as new in no time.



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