What a great summer it has been for our shop, our employees and their families. We absolutely hope that all of our customers got as much time as possible this summer on a boat, at the beach or by the pool. Here in Cecil County, our kids are already back in school meeting teachers and making new friends and embarking on another year of learning, sports seasons and after school clubs and activities.

This time of the year, we cannot urge enough caution to drivers in the area to use extra caution in school zones and frankly anywhere there are buses present. We always recommend that if you see a school bus, give them room and exercise safe driving habits even when flashing lights are not engaged. Furthermore, keep an extra eye out for kids walking along the sides of roads this time of the year. There was recently a horrific accident in New Jersey in which a motorist killed and injured (through no fault of their own) a group of young kids on the walking along a shoulderless road. We have so many roads like this in our area so it is good to be vigilant as our young ones head back and forth to school, ball fields and the homes of friends this time of the year.

As always, we wish the very best to all of the local students, families and faculty for a fabulous and successful 2015-2016 school year!

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