Families all over Cecil County are enjoying the last rays of summer sunlight as the Labor Day holiday approaches. As we finish up the back to school shopping, and make plans to get out on the water or down to the beach one last time, many of us are also taking into account the massive schedule change that awaits many of us in one week’s time. Soon, our time will be filled with juggling after school itineraries, practice times, recitals and, if there is time, dinner. We are entering an exciting time of year for families to enjoy fall festivals, football games, apple picking and pumpkin spiced everything. As we put the kids back on school buses next week, let us all remember to take it easy in school zones and around buses as we make it back and forth to home and work and any number of places our kids ask us to pick them up. This is a time of year to pack a little extra patience and keep a watchful eye for kids walking along the sides of roadways and crossing streets throughout our communities.

We would like to wish all oft the students, families and faculty a fantastic 2017-18 school year throughout Cecil County and invite everyone to enjoy one last long weekend before the school year ramps back up!

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